Praedium White Paper on Income Migration Featured in the Summer 2023 PREA Quarterly

August 22, 2023

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Praedium’s most recent white paper written in partnership with SitusAMC Insights and detailing the influence of income migration on investment opportunity was just featured in the Summer 2023 issue of the PREA Quarterly. The article can be viewed online here:

In this white paper, we examined income as well as headcount migration across certain of our target states. Florida and Texas have consistently ranked among the highest destinations for net in-migration in recent years. Based on the latest available tax data, we found that Florida exhibited a nearly four-fold inflow of income relative to Texas ($23.7 billion and $6.3 billion, respectively) from the 2020 filing of income earned in 2019. Twenty five percent of Florida’s growth in the number of tax returns during that year came from those with $200,000+ incomes, and just 8.5% for Texas.